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Pastors Jonathan and Kimmy came to be the Lead Pastors of LifeGiving Church in January of 2011. They were previously the Lead Pastors of International Worship Center in Boston, MA for 7 years before hearing the call of God to come to Ohio. 

Pastor Jonathan was born in New York and his wife Kim in Ohio.  Their paths crossed when they attended Zion Bible Institute, now Northpoint College, over 15 years ago.  They married in 2001 and just celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary in September.  Pastor Jonathan graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies and his wife Kim graduated with a Degree in Christian Education.  They have a daughter Giada who is 12 years old, another daughter Alayna who is 8 years old and their son Elias who is 2.


On behalf of my wife and I, we want to invite you to come and visit us and experience your BEST life in Jesus.  I believe that God is a communicating God and He desires to speak to us.  He wants to show you His purpose for your life.  We are not here to judge or look down on you, rather, we will be here to help you and encourage you because we have all gone through and we will continue to go through our difficulties in this life.  Just remember, with Christ’s strength, we can do and get through anything.  Come be a part of not just a church, but a movement.  We are praying for you and hope to see you soon!

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Jonathan & Kimmy Nieves

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Kelly & Sarah Grimes



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Robert & Brittany Balawajder


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Paul Roehrenbeck


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Judy Hoover

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Heidi Dudley

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Angie Roehrenbeck


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John Halleron

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